tba Project #7

The sculpture Millennium Pegasus by sculptor Sandy Scott of Lander, Wyoming arrived on October 31st and was installed on the site of the former Granite Row, the birthplace of Anderson’s business district in downtown Anderson.  “Pegasus” was on display in Denver, Colorado until recently.  This bronze sculpture is 12 feet tall and has a wingspan of 14.5 feet.  It weighs approximately 3000 pounds.

This installation is Project #7 of the group called “tba” or “to benefit Anderson” a project of Foothills Community Foundation.  Project #1 was the Generator Park that is located across from Pegasus on McDuffie Street..

The purchase, transportation, and installation of Pegasus is funded by tba with private funds.  The tba Initiative was launched in 2006 by Foundation board member Cordes Seabrook who sought a ‘group of 100’ to donate $1,000 annually to fund projects of downtown beautification.

Anderson County provided the location, concrete slab, and lighting for the installation.  This initial installation is temporary.   Pegasus will likely be relocated to a permanent site in two to three years.



tba Projects to Date

Project #1            Generator Park

Project #2            Carolina Wrens, Fountain and Sculpture

Project #3            Caton’s Alley

Project #4            The Dog Park

Project #5            Textile Point Clock

Project #6            Threaded Sculptural Fountain

Project #7            Pegasus Sculpture